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About Us


Welcome to MyDriver.World UAE!

We are about to start off our range of driver service operations; we are headquartered in Dubai, particularly at Latifa Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road. Our sole aim is to provide the most professional driver services starting here in the UAE and later expand to other countries of the world. We have plans to commence our driver service branches in the UK, USA, Germany, France and many more. But our journey starts from here, Dubai, UAE.

We are one of the registered companies under the RTA (Road and Transport Authority of the UAE). What we basically do is we drive customers’ cars making sure our drivers reach to customer pick-up points timely and professionally and further making sure they (our customers) are driven comfortably and safely to their destinations that may be villas, hotels, etc. in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah and Umm al-Qaiwain.

We have been successful to recruit very reliable, experienced and professional drivers. We do owe our success to them immensely. Well, we would like to brag a little bit here that they are bigger than our financial capital any day all day. Yes, that is right. Despite their years of experience, we have managed to adequately train them about routes and roads of the United Arab Emirates and we do cover all the Emirates in the UAE, as mentioned above.

We have stationed drivers in various parts of the UAE in order to be swift to serve our customers. On busy days, like weekends especially, our drivers are large in number and hence they are available anytime in Palm Jumeirah, Arabian Ranches, Downtown, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Marina, Victory Heights, Jebel Ali, Emirates Hills, Jumeirah Golf Estates, Springs, Meydan Heights, Meydan South and many more, in Dubai.

Our charges are all fixed and extremely affordable and there are no hidden conditions. We repeat, we got zero hidden costs. Every new customer is educated about our very limited terms and conditions on waiting, etc. so that there is 100% transparency which we care colossally.

We try our best to be as accommodative and flexible for our existing and new customers during peak days and times especially. Whenever a customer suddenly requests for a delay, we do our best to embrace it and move on, because such things do happen and it is our requirement to understand them in actual fact. When our customers are happy, we are truly chuffed. We also aim to be the most customer-friendly company here in the entire of the UAE and we will get there in a few years we reckon.

Please also note that there are no membership fees with us; all you have to do is book a driver adequately in advance. Yeah, that is all; hopefully we are lucky enough to serve you indeed.

MyDriver.World UAE has a clear-cut objective to provide the most professional driver service to every customer here in Dubai and all other Emirates and at the same time to ensure the highest possible safety is maintained on the roads of this beautiful country.

We regularly conduct meetings with our drivers and call center agents in order to discuss recent problems that they may have encountered and this kind of activity is done weekly in order to better ourselves and get closer and closer to perfection in the driving field. We want to become as safe driver as possible in the UAE.

MyDriver.World UAE have a communication team on social media being heavily active spreading awareness about accidents concerning or involving alcohol and we believe to have done a good job so far in that regard as well. We feel certainly proud to be in this line of business since it helps to curb mishaps on roads and that is truly a special and premier feeling.

Our customer service team is filled up with exceptional young ladies and gentlemen who know English, Arabic and Hindi perfectly. We are soon planning to have a few more foreign language customer service support staff specialized in German, Spanish and Chinese as well, since this is a beautifully diverse country.

Our drivers have had no fines driving our customers’ cars so far and that is one fantastic feat we honestly believe given how tightly the roads are ruled here in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, etc.

One more specialty about our service is that we are timely with our responses over social media including WhatsApp. If we miss calls which rarely happens by the way, due to heavy amount of calls, then we would be sure to call back at the soonest possible.

We have personnel day and night for emails and hence all online bookings and driver enquires via email are always replied in a flash. Everybody likes swift replies, don’t they?

All of our drivers have an average driving experience of 5.6 years and most of them have taxi-backgrounds and hence they glide through tough traffic situations, making sure our customers don’t waste any time on the move unnecessarily. That’s one benefit we have been reaping in due our excellent drivers. Yeah, we are indeed lucky to have such drivers at our disposal.

If you would like to know more about our safe driver Dubai service, we request you to check out our FAQs page.