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We work all around the clock and hence there is no way we will miss your calls, texts, WhatsApp messages, emails, Tweets or even Facebook messages at any day anytime as this city of Dubai never sleeps. Just before we commenced this company, we had a long and fruitful discussion on how to make our communications with customers at the easiest and most effective possible. And then we came up with the following channels:

  1. Landline: +971
  2. Mobile: +971
  3. WhatsApp: +971
  4. SMS: +971
  5. Email: info@mydriver.world
  6. MyDriver.World on Facebook
  7. MyDriver.World on Twitter
  8. MyDriver.World on Google Plus
  9. Location: Office 2082, Latifa Towers, near Emirates Towers, SZR, Dubai, UAE

We have different personnel assigned to take care of every mentioned medium of communication in order to provide swift replies to our customers.

MyDriver.World on WhatsApp was a necessary thing because who likes to call to book a safe driver at night and disturb their significant other or for that matter, any other persons dwelling with them? We understand the influence of WhatsApp in booking drivers colossally and we hence we are always on it.

Talking about our personal and safe driver service support team being on Twitter and Facebook gives us a very proud feeling in all honesty since we feel we have bridged all the possible gaps in communication with our customers and that is how it should be ideally in this current developed world.

If you would like to drop by, then you are always welcome to our office. We would be pleased to meet with our customers and talk about things that matter to them. So, in case you have free time and walking around Crowne Plaza on Sheikh Zayed Road, please if possible visit us; that would put a big smile on our face.

If you would like to hire a personal driver from us, and you would like to get to know us in-person then we are up for it anytime any day as per your convenience. It’s usually hard to find time to meet-up with customers over a coffee outside our office but there are no excuses and we believe in delivering a 100% customer satisfaction. If you are new here and you desire to hire our safe driver services, then this is not a requirement really and that’s usual. All you will have to do is book a sober driver with us via any of the above communication channels, our driver will be at your pick-up location at your mentioned pick-up time and he will drive you comfortably and indeed safely home.

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