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What are our business hours?
24 hours a day! Yeah, we are always open. If you read About Us, then you know it already.

How will a customer know if their driver booking has been accepted?
MyDriver.World makes sure every request for booking done Email or Facebook or Twitter or WhatsApp or any other mode is backed up with a confirmation SMS, with all details.

How can I make a driver booking with MyDriver.World?
We have various modes of communication and any of them could be employed any time by our customers. Please see our Contact Us page for more details.

Do we pick-up any car from any location here in the United Arab Emirates?
Yes. All you have to is provide us necessary details and our driver will be there timely in Dubai or Abu Dhabi or anywhere else and drive you home in your own car.

Do our drivers drive auto and manual cars?
Absolutely. We request our customers to always notify us that though in advance.

How long would our driver freely wait?
We surely understand that delays are common and hence we are completely comfortable to wait for 15-18 minutes absolutely free.

Can a customer get their select drivers?
We cannot say no to that but there is one slight precondition and that is customers are respectfully requested to notify us about such arrangements well in advance before scheduling of our drivers takes place. We hope our customers know it very well. Sometimes, a customer likes to hire same safe driver that previously dropped them off because he knows their drop-off location.

Can a customer cancel their booking?
Cancellations of driver bookings are understandable and hence we cheerfully agree to cancellations. But it would be very kind and helpful if customers could notify us at least 2 hours prior on weekends to their pick-up time and 1 hour prior to their booking time on week days, to avoid any cancellation fees indeed.

Can a customer change their booking in terms of time and or pick-up location?
Yes, please. Adjusting to customer pick-up time and pick-up location changes is our duty but we again request our customers to notify us at least 2 hours prior to their pick-up time on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and 1 hour prior to their pick-up time on other days of a week, to get such changes made fully free.

What is the mode of payment we accept from our customers?
Currently we request our customers to pay us our fees in cash to our drivers deployed/assigned, for short-journeys at night. But if they cannot pay on the spot, we would wait for their next time booking, too. Money should not be a topic of discussion when we have some great understanding with our customers. We love our customers more than we love money. For monthly driver services, we recommend payments to be done via the Internet banking or cheque in order to document transactions for safety reasons. We care about our safety as well as about our customers indeed.

Can a customer hire our safe driver for 8 hours on any day?
Of course yes, we offer all kinds of short-term and long-term driver services. A customer can hire a safe driver for 2 hours or just an hour or just about any other time period depending upon their necessity and we are totally up for it anytime actually.

Do we issue receipts for cash paid to our drivers?
Yes, we do but most customers do not have a desire to collect a receipt for their journey. So, if a customer needs a receipt or bill, we could WhatsApp or Email it anytime.