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Our Services

We offer a wealth of driver services to our UAE customers and we are still finding out new areas of driver requirements. Here are our various range of services that you may want to know:

  1. Corporate Driver Service:
    1. We provide drivers to drive our customers to meetings anywhere in the UAE.
    2. We provide drivers for road shows anywhere in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc.
    3. We also deliver drivers for corporate events.
    4. We are existent in hotel and hospitality related driver services as well.
  1. Personal Driver Service:
    1. We provide daily, weekly, monthly and yearly personal drivers.
    2. We provide personal drivers in Dubai, Sharjah, etc. for family trips and tours.
    3. We have special drivers for weddings and other social occasions.
    4. We have drivers to drive customers to medical appointments.
  1. Valet Parking Driver Service:
    1. We deploy drivers for daily, weekly, fortnightly bases for valet parking services at hotels, bars, pubs, in and around Dubai primarily.
  1. Drivers for Once-a-Year Events like Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, The Dubai Sevens, are always available with us.
  2. Drivers for Airport Transfers.
  3. Drivers for Staff Transit.
  4. Drivers for Car Registration Renewal.
  5. Drivers for Car Service.

We have been successful largely thanks to our high-quality and skilled drivers and we are indeed grateful to have them. We got drivers that are knowledgeable about too many things and hence we of the humble opinion that they can hold conversations excitingly on the move to villas, hotels, pubs, bars, the Dubai Airport, Abu Dhabi Airport, etc. making long trips and tours look exciting.

We believe information provided above on safe drivers and personal drivers could be adequate or inadequate depending upon individuals and hence we respectfully request our existing and new customers to seek more information from us anytime any day without any hesitation, at necessary times. Here is our Contact Us to reach out to us in so many different ways.

We have got our terms and conditions openly mentioned at our official website and we request new and old customers to check them out in order to be well-informed of our services and also please note that they are subject to change without any notifications. And hence we ever request our customers to seek for updated terms and conditions whenever they hire our safe drivers or personal drivers for that matter. Please remember we got no hidden conditions or costs on our driver services. We know how painful it is for customers that get billed bigger amounts by bringing up hidden terms at the end of a driver service and that is something we have never done and we will never do because that is not morally or legally right.