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Why Choose Us?


  1. Our prices are among the most affordable.
  2. We let our every driver work for 8 hours a day at the most!
  3. We reply every single Email, call, WhatsApp message, SMS, Facebook inquiry, Tweet, etc. To be precisely, all of our safe driver and personal driver bookings and inquries are replied timely and most clearly possible.
  4. Our drivers are dazzling. When we formed this safe driver and personal driver company, we had one goal to accomplish at the soonest possible and that was to hire presentable, knowledgeable, kind and experienced UAE drivers, and we gladly did that on time.
  5. We value our customers colossally. When we were academically students, our teachers educated us that ‘customers are the king in the market’ and they are rightly so. Without them, we are nowhere to be found in the United Arab Emirates. Every single safe driver and personal driver customer of ours is priceless to us and we are always grateful to them.
  6. We answer our existing customers’ calls with names. Our customer support staff for safer driver and also for personal driver are trained to do exactly that and we think it is crucial to make sure we genuinely and honestly care about them. Who else does that here in the UAE?
  7. We do not require our customers’ drop-off locations if they are already registered with us. Does not that save some time and energy? We are regularly looking to better our safe driver services in particular because it’s harsh to spend even a minute on a call giving information about drop-off location, customer name, etc.
  8. We understand delays and cancellations of driver bookings like nobody else. Sometimes parties get called off suddenly and our customers have to cancel their safe drivers. Although giving an hour’s notice to us would not be helpful but we still fathom such situations and we do not penalize them. It is all about understanding we think. Sometimes, a customer requests for 30 minutes of safe driver waiting because they gotta have a splash, pony, jigger, gill/noggin or pint of beer with their friend(s) that just bumped into. Things like that happen and we understand them totally.

All of our safe driver costs are among the cheapest in the United Arab Emirates. Our Dubai to Sharjah or Sharjah to Dubai driver cost is way cheaper than anybody could imagine actually. Yes, we do provide safe drivers in Ajman to drive our customers to their places of residence in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah or any other Emirate. Of course yes, we are active when big sporting events take place in this lovely country. Please also not that such events require advance booking. For instance, this year we got Abu Dhabi Formula 1 to celebrate and that means you may have to book a driver well in advance since we all know its dates and timings, don’t we?

We think the WhatsApp way to book or inquire on driver services is important as instant communication provides instant results and documentation as well. Of course, it sounds very better to book a safe driver at night through WhatsApp then making a phone call, right?

Our personal drivers are trained as often as possible on the best behaviors and so are our safe drivers and it has been a driving force for our continued success. And when it comes down to cancellation of drivers by customers, it is understandable and we do not penalize them at all as such things are bound to happen and it is our need to fathom such situations.

Due to our company policies, we have not listed any of our prices over here and in case you would like to book a driver or inquire about it, then please do not hesitate to contact us.